TERMS AND CONDITIONS POLICY - Christmas Intensive Program 2023

Read carefully these Terms and Conditions in order to completely understand the legal rights that You are giving up.

By submitting your registration through the application form of corella, you declare that all information provided is accurate and true and you agree to make payments relating to your registration in compliance with these Terms and Conditions established by corella, as detailed below.

I (parent, guardian) together with the student, if the student is of legal age to execute a binding agreement, agree and represent as follows:

I) Registration Terms and Conditions


There is a special promotion: 15% off for students’ relatives who register in the Christmas Intensive Course. To get this promotion, it’s not necessary to attend the same level. Note that this promotion is only offered to one of the relatives, not both.

Students who participate in the Christmas Intensive Course will have a discount of 10% for Summer Intensive Course.

Accommodation & Transportation

Corella can provide you accommodation and transportation at a separate cost.  It is essential to make a reservation in advanced for either service.

II) Payments and Reimbursement Policies


To reserve a place in the Christmas Program, a bank transfer of 40% of the total price of the chosen course must be made before December 9, 2022, and it is essential to pay the outstanding total before January 2, 2023. It is necessary to send by email a confirmation copy of the bank transfer, being identified with the name of the student.


Reimbursements are allowed only if the student presents medical certificates from two specialists stipulating the injury or prohibition of the activity.

The certificate have to mention clearly that the student cannot attend the Christmas Intensive Course, also have to specify the type of injury or illness, the date of issue, the signature, name and Collegiate number of the Doctor and the Authority Center where was issued the certificate.

The 40% paid as a reservation is non-refundable. The total amount that can be reimbursed, if the above conditions are respected, will be the remaining amount paid.

Any other cancellations from the Christmas Intensive Course don’t allow the reimbursement of any fee.

III) Terms and Conditions regarding the Christmas Intensive Course

The groups of the Christmas Intensive Course are organized by corella teachers and they are not obliged to give information about the process of creation of these groups. Students who don’t accept this condition may leave the Christmas Intensive Course and no reimbursements will be accepted for leaving the Course.

Corella teachers decide the distribution of teachers for each course and class and they are not obliged to give information about it. Students who don’t accept this condition may leave the Christmas Intensive Course and no reimbursements will be accepted for leaving the Course.

Students agree to follow, respect and accept all the conditions, plan of studies, rules, procedures and any other organizational matters established by corella. Intromission or non-acceptation of this clause will cause the expulsion of the student from the Christmas Intensive Course.

IV) Medical Consent and Health Status

I/we are fully familiar with the demands of a rigorous ballet/dance training intensive courses, including both the physical fitness expectations and the inherent and unavoidable risks of injury and harm, and I/we warrant that the Student able to participate fully in the Christmas Intensive’s activities, that no health professional has advised us of any risks or conditions that would limit or impede the Student’s full and safe participation, that I/we are not aware of any medical or other conditions which would limit the Student’s full and safe participation in the Christmas Intensive Course, and that I/we understand and accept the inherent and unavoidable risks of injury and harm that may occur due to the Student’s participation in this Christmas Intensive.

I/we agree that if the Student sustains any injury or illness prior to the commencement of the Christmas Intensive Course, we shall advise corella promptly in writing. I, therefore, consent to my child’s participation in the Christmas Intensive Course, and I further consent to my child’s participation in any other activity taken in connection with the Course.

I/we accept responsibility for any medical expenses for any injuries or illness that the Student may sustain or experience while participating in the Christmas Intensive Course; and that I/we will promptly reimburse fully corella and/or any of its employees who advance the costs to secure medical treatment for the Student.

I/we hereby grant permission for the Student to receive emergency medical treatment as appropriate during participation in the Christmas Intensive Course as may be authorized by an adult member of the Program Staff.

I/we understand that if the Student has to take prescription medication or receive scheduled medical treatment, we shall notify corella in writing. corella is not responsible of the medication or the medical treatment if I/we don’t notify about it in writing.

V) Image Rights

I/we agree that the Student might be photographed and/or videotaped during the Course or performances, and I/We grant to corella an unrestricted right to use in any form the image, photo, voice and name of the Student for all corella promotional materials, including the website and social networks.

VI) Code of Conduct

Students are expected to abide by the rules and procedures of conduct established by corella. Those rules might be modified during the Course. A dancer whose conduct is not consistent with these procedures and rules will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from the Christmas Intensive Course.

The rules and procedures of conduct include but are not limited to the following prohibitions:

  • Use, possession, or impairment by illegal drugs, tobacco products and alcohol. Automatic expulsion from the Christmas Intensive Course and the student may pay the full price of the chosen course.
  • Possession or use of weapons of any nature, fireworks, or an article that can be used in a dangerous or menacing manner.
  • Unexcused absences from classes.
  • Threats and disruptive conduct, harassing, discriminatory or abusive conduct or language.
  • Injury to the persons or property of others, including theft.
  • Violations of law, or of the safety rules, practices, or other policies procedures and rules of corella.
  • Permitting unauthorized visitors to the corella facilities.
  • Falsification of records or documents submitted to the Christmas Intensive Course

Students must adhere to the following:

  • Students are required to attend all classes, rehearsals, and performances and must notify a staff member or a teacher if they’re not feeling well and must report any accident or illness.
  • Students are expected to treat staff and teachers in a respectful manner at all times.
  • Do not bring any food inside the rehearsal studios and don’t leave personal items inside the studios.
  • Respect the schedules.
  • Students younger than 18, may not leave the corella facilities without the consent from a staff member or writing consent from their parent/guardian.
  • Students will be held responsible for the costs of any damages they cause to any furniture of any kind.

VII) Assumption of Risks

By signing this Agreement I/we acknowledge that the risks associated with entry into and use of the corella premises may be both foreseen and unforeseen, and may include serious physical injury and/or death, and other personal and property damages, and I/we agree to assume all associated risks.

VIII) Choice of Law

By signing this Agreement, I/we  agree that any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this  Agreement, shall be resolved exclusively and finally by binding arbitration in Barcelona, Catalunya, before one arbitrator, in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the Catalonian Arbitration Laws.

The student and his/her parent or tutor, voluntarily signs this Agreement, and further agrees that no oral representations statements or inducement apart from the foregoing written agreement have been made.


The Terms and Conditions Policy is required to be signed by the candidate at the time of the Online Registration.